Bimbisara Rap Lyrics Is A Party Song From ‘Bimbisara’ Movie. You Can Get Bimbisara Rap Song Lyrics In English Font. This Song Is Sang By Shivaradhaya and More Artists, Music Directed By M.M. Keeravani And Lipsika Written This Song.

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Bimbisara Rap Song Credits:

  • Song: Bimbisara Rap Song
  • Movie: Bimbisara
  • Music Director: M.M. Keeravani
  • Singer: Shivaradhaya
  • Lyrics: Lipsika
  • Copyrights: Saregama Telugu

Bimbisara Rap Song Lyrics

He’s rising from the ashes, he’s the beast..
Watching him is more than a feast.
There is no one yet that can defeat..
Bimbisara, is the demon you’ll meet..!!

Oh oh wait, even his shadow fears..
Just to follow him, so very near..
Haters bark and he doesn’t care oh dear..
Bimbisara, is the strongest you’ll meet..!!

His strength is more than a bullet proof..
No matter how hard you try, he’s gonna be aloof..
His dynamic smile is his sharped sword..
Don’t you dare, you’ll be out of the roof..!!

His greatest glory, is in every step he takes..
His biggest paws, in every move he makes..
His eagle eyes, in every target he lays..
His legacy, in every era it stays..!!

Unbeaten |||

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